g0ysRus Guidelines

First off, here at g0ysRus we are not in favor of rules however we also realize some guidelines need to be established and they are as follows (subject to change) as needed.

(1.0) Ethics

With male endowment comes great responsibility and self-preservation so it’s simple, do un to others as you would like done unto you, just be a good person, it’s not rocket science, humanity for the most part intuitively knows the difference between right and wrong, we as men know these laws of the universe right down to our bones, we believe these basic human attributes are built into our DNA pretending or ignoring these basic human attributes might land you in questionable status with not only other men, but g0ysRus as a whole, violating these guideline will rightfully bring into question your individual motives, chances are you will be called out and presented with some uncomfortable questions from either g0ysRus or other members of your peers or both, if this should happen to you, you might be presented with opportunity to reflect on your intentions with a (time out) and cool down period, this means, if the problem should persist you risk being sent to (Time Out) user class where you will be allowed login and read post, articles, blogs, forums however you will be unable to comment or add images, songs, videos or send messages or otherwise be unable to interact with  other members within the g0ysRus platform. Once you agree to take a look at your behavior and take action to remedy whatever these problems might be, your account will be reinstated. 123 your out, you will have 3 chances after the 3rd time your account will be deleted and banned for life, there will be no exceptions to this guideline. 

(2.0) Accountability

Every one of us are flawed in one way or another, humans are flawed, this is a fact of life, some people don’t like to talk about or admit this but it’s true, our goal here at g0ysRus is to build a community of like minded men who have the will and fortitude to hold each other accountable, not just cuddle, REN, an independent musical artist from the UK who I admire greatly recently said a quote he recently heard that stuck with him ‘ A rising tide raises all ships’ I took this to mean than when I myself am at the peek of life that others around me also rise, if we don’t or refuse to hold each other to account then we risk sinking our ships and if this should happen, it’s our duty to help others to prevent this from happening and together as a team can helps rise the tide for others and ourselves in the process. Life is not just about what you can gain today, it’s about building a future for humanity in the future, ask yourselves, what legacy would you like to leave for those who will undoubtedly follow in our footsteps? It’s why this is so very important, it’s not just about you in this moment, life will go on and like water it will hold in memory everything that it comes in contact with, our mission should be to leave this earth better then what we found it, we believe, I believe if this is not on your agenda then perhaps some guidance is needed in your life so ask for help, find a buddy or friend you can talk to, this is what true g0y is to me. Our sexuality can be a part of this sure, but it can not be the primary reason you are here for if it is, your actions will eventually expose yourself and your true intentions to all of us and we will call into question your true motives.

We are not here to coddle you like a baby; we will not be afraid to call you out. If this hurts your feelings or over inflated ego, get over it, this is not some SJW – Social Justice Warrior site, if this is what you’ll looking for, g0ysRus is not for you and we suggest you consider packing up your bags and move along as we will not be a good fit.

(3.0) Religion

g0ysRus is not a religious group and while we certainly welcome men of all creeds, color race religion and beliefs, none of these will be the main focus of our group, if will be perfectly fine to share your ideas, options and or beliefs with all of us to make a point in your context and interactions with others, once you cross the line and attempt in any way to use your own beliefs to convince others and sway them in a direction, your motives will come into question, it will not be tolerated, so share your thoughts, ideas, beliefs and opinions openly and honestly without the normal rhetoric associated with these types of interactions and you’ll be fine.  At the end of the day, we all have our thoughts, opinions, beliefs and ideas about how this massive world works and in truth, none of us know for certain, we can’t simply take the words oof others and have them become our own, our own ideas, understandings, beliefs, no, it’s good to know sure, but the ideas and others should be used as guides, not as truths, truth is knowing or having experience with something first hand not just hearsay and  99.9% of everything we think we know is based on hearsay and this is the difference between knowing something and believing something, we all know that just because we believe something does not make it truth.

EXAMPLE – I dropped a glass and it broke into a billion pieces on the concrete floor, if I tell you my experience, it’s still the truth but for you, it’s just hearsay as you did not witness the event, you have a choice to either believe or disbelieve this event I have dispensed to you, your choice will be based on your overall experience with me, we he has lied to me before in the past so maybe I am lying to you now about the broken glass or, he has never lied to me before so  why now and it’s though this experience and relationship that you will use your best judgements and decide to either believe or disbelieve the broken glass event. 

I know this all-sounds overkill and simple but this is how it works, you can choose to ignore this and over look it, or you can choose to see my point, but this happens literally billions of times a day.

Take the Mainstream Media for example, they lie to us each and every day and for the most part, every person I know knows this, so why does anyone give it the time of day? it’s certainly not the truth, what it is exactly is hard to know  or pinpoint, We do know that the MSM has an agenda to fulfill and have for whatever reason decided to double down and continue these tactics even though most people are fully aware they lie at ever turn. It’s crazy.

There is such a thing as a thin line, take for example the difference between Misinformation and Disinformation, misinformation could be classified as an honest mistake based on ill-informed beliefs and the person(s) telling you the story actually do believe what it is there telling you they just got some bad information and think it’s important to pass it one.
Disinformation however is far different because it’s much more sinister, these lie’s someone is attempting to PROGRAM you with are done purposefully and with ill intent, the question you should be asking yourselves is who is directing all this and more importantly why? Ask those questions and you’ll never be bored, trust me on that.  

Sorry, I got on my sandbox LOL

So far these are the basic guidelines of g0ysRus and are subject to change or add to these as time goes on, as with all communities, there will always be guidelines built as different often unforeseen things come up, it’s the nature of things. The trick is balance, the balance between freedom of soul and expression or the condemnation of your fellow man or of the group/community as a whole.  If were not carful and mindful, we could rule ourselves right out of existence over time and this takes courage and wisdom to back off when we over reached our limitations. It happens, take a look around, what do you see? The results of an over baring superficial structure hell bent on destroying the very thing it’s attempting to build and make better, as it’s been said a billion times before, freedom has never been free, it’s a never-ending battle and if we are not mindful of these facts, we are under constant risk of losing our shit. It can happen really fast.

(4.0) Complaining/Whining

There will always be complainers and whiners among us and with these types of personalities, we are faced with 2 options to deal with them, option (1) is simply rid ourselves of them by banning or deleting off our platforms, there problem solved right? Not so fast. Our goal is to help as much as we can by persuading them to see another option or viewpoint and to bring them on board. So this brings us to option (2) to work with them in reason to help them see the light so to speak, some people however are impossible and that will be exposed in time and will eventually be banned or eliminated as these types of people really have no desire or interest in learning, growing or taking self-responsibility, their usually happy just complaining and whining as they attempt to call the system a dictatorship, it happens all the time and it’s part of the human experience. Were probably never going to be able to come to any resolution for these types, one thing I have learned in this life is that there are two types of people in the world, Finite and Infinite, a finite personality will fight and give up once their defeated and hopefully learn the lesson, become humble and move on to be a better person. An Infinite personality will fight, argue, cry, complain on how horribly unjust the system is and no matter what, will never stop NEVER, generally speaking there is never a compromise or remedy for this personality, their happy to complain for ever and ever, it’s sad, but it’s also a reality we are often forced to deal with. Forgive them for they know not what they do, or do they?
Finite people, the game starts and will usually come to and end and the game is over.

Infinite people – the game starts and it’s never over, it just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on forever and ever. If you allow it, it can wear you out of all energy, it’s best to cut you’re loses as early as possible and move on, conserve your energy for bigger and better and more positive adventures and stop these demons in their tracks, these people are often referred to as (Energy Vampires) as they, if you allow them will zap and drain you of every last drop of energy and this can take days to recover from this type of attack. So don’t allow them. It’s not worthy of your time or energy. 

If you have a legitimate concern or complaint, by all means bring it to our attention, but come with the sauce to back up your claim, don’t just complain, tell us what the problem is and why you think it, in your opinion needs to be addressed and we will gladly look into the matter. 


  • What’s the problem?
  • What time and date did this accrue?
  • What are some remedies you could recommend? 
  • Is this an ongoing issue or new?
  • Is someone on the site harassing you?
  • Is this a policy issues and if so, which one and why is this policy a problem and how is this policy effecting you?

Unless you have information like the above examples without explanation were probably going to ignore your concern or complaint, so offer as much detail as possible otherwise it’s probably going to be ignored, come on, you’re a big boy you can handle it. Communications are key. Don’t just assume were going to understand what it is your trying to convey.

MORE TO COME – Visit this page periodically as time and manner changes everything